Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 50 No 3 (no 151) Winter

Editorial - Special 50th Anniversary issue

2017 has marked the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Society for Co-operative Studies as UKSCS was first known, and following an inaugural meeting held in April 1967 the idea of The Bulletin was announced. This later became the Journal of Co-operative Studies. This issue celebrates some of the early contributions and half a century of promoting co-operative studies both in the Uk and internationally.

Table of Contents

Autumn 2017 Vol 50 (no 3)

Democracy and Competition in Consumer Co-operatives

E.P.Printchard, pp 7-19

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The Co-operative Movement: A Perspective for the 1970's

John Hughes, pp. 10-24

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Another Perspective for the 1970's

S.P. Clarke, pp. 24-26

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The Co-operative as Employer

Esther Quinn, pp 27-28

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Short Papers

Workers’ Participation in Co-operatives: The Assumptions and Historical Background

W.P. Watkins, pp. 29-34

Workers’ Participation in Co-operatives: Implications for Consumer Societies?

John Gallacher, pp. 35-37

Regional and national updates

Current Co-operative Studies and Research, p. 38

Book Reviews

Roses and Revolutionists: The Story of the Clousden Hill Free Communistand Co-operative Colony 1894–1902. By Nigel Todd

Michael Duckett, p. 40

Encyclopaedia of Co-operatives in South East England, By Ron Roffey and Peter Collier

Richard Bickle, p 44

A Century of Co-operative Insurance: The Co-operative Insurance Society 1867-1967: A Business History, By Ronald George Garnett

Jan Myers, p. 46