Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 51 No 1 (no 152) Summer


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Table of Contents

Summer 2018 Vol 51 (no 1)

A framework for developing co-operative benchmarks

Daphne Rixon and Fiona Duguid, pp 5-16

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Socially responsible behaviour of credit co-operatives - A replication study of an Austrian example

Dietmar Roessl and Gregor Rabong, pp. 17-26

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Does organisation matter? A comparison of co-operative and ex-co-operative cellars in the new era of Soth African wine

Joachim Ewert and John Hanf, pp. 27-38

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Short Papers

Policy supports for co-operative development: learning from co-op hot spots

James K. Rowem Anna Maria Peredo, Megan Sullivan and John Restakis, pp 39-42

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Twelve cases of early co-operation and mutuality

Ed Mayo, pp 43-51

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New Developments: Doing it ourselves the co-operative way

Andrew Bibby, pp 52-53

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Co-operation in action: The Edinburgh student housing co-operative as a pedagogical space

Teresa Macias and Pablo Perez Ruiz, pp 54-57

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Book Reviews

Empowering electricity - Co-operatives, sustainability and power sector reform, By Julia L. MacArthur

Richard Scott, p. 58-59

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Ten lectures on co-operative law, By Hans-H. Münkner

Ian Adderly

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